We're more than just investors.

We’re trendspotters, strategists, and advisors. And we’re more than that, too. We’re proud parents, style aficionados, wellness gurus, artists, dreamers, urbanites, nature lovers, chefs, gourmands, cinephiles, musicians, comedians, oddballs, wanderers, leaders, teachers, and learners.

And together, we build the brands that invent the future.

Our power comes from our passion.

Our vision for tomorrow comes from our empathy for today. In an industry obsessed with trailblazing, we go one step further: We meet the consumer where they’re going. That makes us unique — and we're here to share that insight with founders. When big thinkers are poised on the brink of transforming consumer culture, they become more than just founders, or CEOs, or investors, or entrepreneurs.


Our Values

Put the consumer first.

To understand the consumer is to see them clearly — they're humans, not just consumers. And so are we. The more we think about ourselves as a team of humans rather than as A Firm, the better we are at understanding where consumers wants and needs meet.

We understand where the consumer is now and where they're going. That insight is as important to our partners as the funding we put in their hands.

Shape tomorrow.

It isn't enough to think about tomorrow. We think about where tomorrow takes us. Disruption is great, but it creates chaos, and chaos is unpredictable. Transformation creates lasting change.

The other half of the equation is creating the right change — understanding where wants and needs meet and using that insight to help founders craft a better, more bespoke future tailored to all people.

Be true believers.

Power doesn't come from the top down. Great ideas are the product of hard work, inspiration, and insight — not just funding and buzz.

That's why we're more than just investors. Investors want their investments to grow. We want our founders and companies to succeed. We're true believers, and our partnerships are founded on our absolute commitment to turning big ideas into realities.

Champion individuality.

Historically, our industry wears a uniform, whether it's a suit and tie or a fleece and khakis. Individuality is our uniform. We make room for different ways of seeing and doing things. It's how we find better ways of seeing and doing things.

We have the courage to recognize our consumers, our partners, and ourselves as complete people. The "Consumer" is not a monolith, and neither are we.

Our Team

Unique people.

Unique approaches.

We’re a diverse team of visionaries and veterans who looked at the VC industry and said: “We can do more.” Together, we’re redefining what VC can be — for consumers who deserve better.

Our Companies
Our Founders


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