Kira McCroden

VP, Head of Communications

Once described as endlessly excitable with the sharpest BS detector

Kira is a communications leader who blends together brand strategy, content, advocacy, and public relations, stemming from her belief that communications programs should look as diverse and modern as all the ways that people consume information today.

Prior to joining Forerunner, Kira led communications and brand for Modern Fertility (a Forerunner portfolio company), joining at the seed stage as employee #9 and navigating multiple stages of growth before leading the company through its $225M acquisition (and then some). Before Modern Fertility, Kira led communications and marketing at Social Capital and various startups across several stages and industries — from fintech and b2b software to food and CPG.

After 10+ years in the startup world leading corporate, consumer, crisis, and internal communications through multiple market twists and turns — Kira has, what she calls, “a very high pain tolerance.”

Outside of work, Kira bounces around between various hobbies and will do anything enough times to be decent at it: long distance bike riding, pilates, samba dancing, boxing, knitting, fly fishing, surfing, and ceramics. She is always open to an outdoor walk-and-talk.