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Moment House Co-Founder & CEO Arjun Mehta on reaching new creators

Jenna Birch, Head of Content & Communications

Summer 2021

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Sports like boxing have been leveraging a pay-per-view format for decades, but artists like Justin Bieber or Halsey have never been offered a beautiful, socially-driven online platform to bring high-quality digital entertainment experiences to their biggest fans. That is, until Moment House. Launched last year, Moment House has soared out of the gate with over 700 “moments,” processing 1M tickets for artists like Bieber, Halsey, Kygo, Tame Impala, Kaytranada, and St. Vincent. In addition to big headliners, the self-service platform has also hosted countless emerging creators who have built one-of-a-kind digital performances for fans, generating tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in revenue per moment. Doubling down on a Seed investment in Moment House, Forerunner led a $12M Series A this week with participation from UTA Ventures, artists Halsey and Kaytranada, comedian Whitney Commings, Defy Ventures, Worklife VC, and others. The company plans to use the funding to expand into new genres like comedy and podcast, and continue to build the product with an eye toward social engagement.  Born within USC’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young “Dr. Dre” Academy, Moment House cut its teeth on music while continuing to find new use-cases among a growing list of creator categories. As the company engages new audiences, the team is also strengthening its roster with executive talent from Spotify, Apple Music, United Talent Agency, and WME. Podcasts, in particular, have already had an exciting debut on Moment House with the addition of live audio rooms during the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’s moment. “Superfans want to go beyond being content recipients to experience participants,” says Co-Founder and CEO Arjun Mehta. “When podcasters go to their audience and say, ‘Hey, we’re doing a true live interactive version of the show,’ it’s a very compelling value prop to super fans who have only been able to consume pre-recorded audio.” As a growing number of creators have built communities on the back of one-way, pre-recorded and asynchronous content streams, new legions of superfans want experiences with their favorite entertainers—whether through a digital stop on an album tour or an interactive offering for YouTube followers. “It’s the same underlying psychology of, say, I’m a Kanye West superfan, and Kanye announces a tour stop in LA. I get excited, because I want to be part of that—and if I don’t see my region, I’m bummed,” says Mehta. “Music creators are the best at this, because live touring has been around for a long time. But YouTubers and TikTokers and podcasters, the more modern creators, are going to have to start delivering experiences to their fans if they want to deeply engage them, build new revenue streams, and increase their longevity by gifting fans with memories.” Since the creator economy is so large and nuanced, Mehta says his team is helping artists and performers become more creative about what they can offer their superfans—and the moment’s value prop. “You have to completely rethink the way you’re approaching different types of creators,” he says. But so far as the team can tell, the sky's the limit when it comes to what Moment House can offer through its elevated, live digital platform.   For more information, visit momenthouse.com. Plus, check out upcoming moments with Michelle Branch, Tinashe, Seether, and more.

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We’re a diverse team of visionaries and veterans who looked at the VC industry and said: “We can do more.” Together, we’re redefining what VC can be — for consumers who deserve better.

We’re a diverse team of visionaries and veterans who looked at the VC industry and said: “We can do more.” Together, we’re redefining what VC can be — for consumers who deserve better.