Annie Wickman

VP, Head of Talent & People

Experienced operator, passionate about what motivates employees and teams, partner to founders in building exceptional cultures alongside innovative products.

As the world of work completely transformed during COVID-19, and continues to rapidly evolve, it is a critical time to focus on people, team-building, and the myriad of ways in which work can be done. From her early career days at Google, Annie learned how impactful best-in-class people practices and policies can be on a company’s operations, sparking her passion for the People Operations and Talent functions. 

As the leader and founder of People Teams at Humu, Gusto and Etsy, Annie has built top-performing teams, designed cutting-edge HR programs and cultivated notable cultures. 

As Forerunner’s Head of Talent & People, Annie is a partner to founders and senior leadership within the Forerunner portfolio. She serves as an advisor on talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion, HR systems and design, compensation and leadership. 

Before starting her career in the People Operations space, Annie earned a Master’s degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown and spent time working on international development contracts for USAID. Prior to Georgetown she earned a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University.