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KJ Sidberry
Senior Associate

The world is filled with glitches — an irregularity, a malfunction, a flaw to be fixed. KJ Sidberry has spent his life noticing these errors and sees each one as an opportunity for change and revision. 

Settling on Computer Science at Harvard University, after considering pursuits in both graphic novels and neurobiology — KJ has chased his strong interest in understanding how our physical and cognitive behaviors operate together and advocating for new opportunities with meaning and conviction. 

At Forerunner, KJ dreams side-by-side with founders who appreciate and prioritize the human condition, as he seeks extraordinary solutions to both elemental and involved problems. 

Prior to Forerunner, KJ worked with The Boston Consulting Group, where he performed pricing strategy, due diligence, industry analysis, and growth planning for leading technology-focused enterprises.

“I’ve always been surrounded by academia and entrepreneurship. My mom was a teacher and always prioritized academics and my step-mother is an entrepreneur. From both of them I learned determination and the idea of raw independence and controlling your own narrative.”
“I keep track of “bugs” in the world - how can you incorporate technology to make things less hard, and more efficient. Coupling this with an understanding of technology and perceiving how people work was an easy path to venture. I’m always asking how we can use technology and digital DNA to make everyone’s lives fundamentally better.”
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