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Forerunner Team
Jennifer Mariska
Head of Operations and Finance

Shifting from public equity to private equity and still wanting change, Jenn Mariska narrowed the aperture for her true calling in finance and turned to venture capital, joining Forerunner’s team as Head of Operations in 2017. 

People often associate venture capital with pitch meetings on the Silicon Valley circuit, but the financial thread provides the structure that makes it possible for startups to become lasting mainstays in an increasingly condensed market. 

Jenn oversees the life cycle of a Forerunner fund, including internal firm operations and fund administration responsibilities, while also working on projects focused on strategy development. In addition to leading interactions with all external service providers, including fund administration and legal counsel, Jenn supports the firm’s fundraising efforts and LP relationships. 

“When looking back on a career well spent, I’ll think back to the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with — their integrity, their passion, and how they handle themselves with others.”
“I have found that one of the most exciting parts about working in venture capital is that each day brings a new opportunity: an unexpected challenge, an inspiring interaction, a new chance to learn and build something.”
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