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Jason Bornstein

Jason Bornstein roots for the underdog, for those punching above their weight with original thought, independence and a drive to persist in the face of uncertainty. A St. Louis native with suburban roots, Jason developed a curiosity and global appetite for learning early on that would ultimately shape his approach to venture capital.

As a Principal at Forerunner, Jason works with startup founders across categories who are moving the needle toward good. His passion for early-stage investing is driven by a genuine interest in people and a forward-looking view on their emerging needs and evolving expectations. An avid researcher, Jason believes the most successful entrepreneurs are unafraid to ask questions and challenge their thinking in the pursuit to find answers.

Prior to Forerunner, Jason was an early employee of Bonobos, one of Forerunner’s earliest investments, where he was a key member of a team that built one of the first digitally-native D2C brands. Jason received an MBA from Stanford GSB in 2018 and graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Communication Studies in 2009.

"When you’re working on something that hasn’t been done before, you have to channel a certain amount of delusion, storytelling, salesmanship, and be able to attract resources. Whatever your drive is – it needs to be relentlessness in the face of scarcity and uncertainty."
“There’s never been more capital or people in this industry. You want to be working with good people, on both sides of the table. If your disposition is to be honest, transparent, genuine and thoughtful, that will pay dividends down the road.”
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