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Forerunner Team
Eurie Kim
General Partner

Modern dominoes have been around for centuries, and each country has their own version of the game. But as a child, Eurie’s favorite way to play with dominoes was to line them all up in a particular order, and knock them all down with one tile. Turns out, this approach is very applicable to the startup world. Ultimately, to be a successful entrepreneur, one must have the vision to chart a path forward that others are not able to see, but also have the foresight to put each step in the right order to gain the momentum needed to win.   

As a former entrepreneur, Eurie has deep personal appreciation for the emotional commitment and relentless passion required of a founder, allowing her to be radically empathetic to the entrepreneurs she works with, while being realistic and honest in the advice she offers. Her perspectives reflect her practical nature and her penchant for seeing the big picture through the mess of fighting fires day to day.  

Inspired by identifying evolving consumer needs, Eurie seeks opportunities to leverage technology to optimize and innovate every aspect of life and to find the right entrepreneur with the vision to take on the challenge.  

Eurie joined Forerunner Ventures in 2012 and has invested in companies spanning health and wellness, travel, personal care / beauty, supply chain automation, edtech, and sustainable food. Eurie sits on the Boards of The Farmer’s Dog, Curology, Attabotics, Oura Ring, Eclipse, and Juni, among others, and was featured on the Forbes Midas Brink List in 2020. Eurie is also a founding member of the female mentorship collective All Raise, and champions women in the technology industry.

Prior to Forerunner, Eurie developed strategies for Fortune 100 companies at Bain & Company as well as invested in growth-stage consumer and retail businesses. Eurie earned an MBA with honors at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds a B.S. with honors in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

“One of my super powers is creative problem solving. I can boil just about any problem down to its smallest parts, to figure out how to build things back up to a plausible answer. This approach has helped me support a lot of entrepreneurs tackle challenging moments that can otherwise feel overwhelming."
“Standing out in the venture ecosystem requires you to really understand what is unique about yourself and your way of thinking, and to leverage that to see problems in the market that others don’t see. The biggest wins don’t come from seeing what everyone else sees -- you have to have the courage to take a stand when others don’t agree.”
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