We champion the companies who rewrite the rules of culture.


Our Team

Our combination of EQ and IQ sets us apart. We view the world through an expanded lens that enables us to have the diversity of perspectives needed to challenge industry norms and spot the unexpected.


Our Role

We leverage our thematic focus and commerce expertise to invest ahead of the curve. Our partnership with founders is rooted in unwavering conviction and commitment to the category, which enable us to champion, and challenge, entrepreneurs in a way that brings out their best, and stands the test of time.


Our Partners

From B2C to B2B companies, we invest in founders who are forces of change, who have the vision and discipline to transform their industries. Our commerce focus is broadly defined, enabling us to invest in a spectrum of business models including brand platforms, marketplaces, innovative retail experiences, enabling technologies, and select backend SaaS and infrastructure platforms.

Rewrite the Rules of Culture

Our Shared Ambition

We identify cultural shifts by deeply understanding consumers. Where need meets desire, where values drive action. Because true transformation happens when we transcend commerce in a way that reshapes society at large. From upending the way people spend their time and money, to transforming the way we think and live.