What stages does Forerunner invest in?

Forerunner invests in companies from Seed stage through Growth stage. We are high-conviction, research- and experience-driven investors, and actively embrace the role as a founder’s first institutional investment partner.

Historically, the majority of our lead investments have been at Seed and Series A. With the size of our current fund, we are able to take a more flexible approach to our investment entry points and accelerate our Growth investments. In these instances, we aim to either lead an investment round or co-invest alongside a strong lead investor. 

What sectors does Forerunner invest in? 

At Forerunner, the consumer is our North Star. We invest in technologies that make the consumer’s life better, as well as innovation at the forefront of commerce. Forerunner maintains an expansive definition of consumer, which encompasses traditional consumer-tech companies as well as enterprise/B2B businesses that work to meet consumer needs more effectively–whether that consumer is an end user, a merchant, a small business owner, an employer, or a creator. Over the past decade, we have invested across fintech, healthtech, supply chain, marketplaces, the creator economy, and emerging brands built around new tech or innovative business models. 

Further, our investments largely fall into one of Forerunner’s seven core themes:

  • Evolution of Commerce: The ability to transact more intimately, wherever, whatever, by increasingly varied and frictionless means, will inspire every company to become a commerce company.

  • The Empowerment Economy: The true power of digital connectivity is set to upend the economy at large, powering a new generation of solopreneurs and financial freedom. 

  • Commerce Enablement: An evolved set of capabilities is required to meet the potential of the ‘empowerment economy’ and the ‘evolution of commerce.'

  • Direct Channel Pioneers: Leveraging the best of technology, data, and business model innovation, these companies are creating the future their consumers aspire toward.

  • The Future of Healthcare: In a consumer-first age, the healthcare system begs to be reimagined.

  • Better for You: The consumer value matrix is rapidly moving beyond price, quality and convenience to include values: cleaner, safer, more sustainable and community-minded.

  • Education & Enrichment: Stimulated by inspiration, information, access, and need, consumers are increasingly taking learning and personal development into their own hands.

I want to pitch Forerunner. Which person should I contact? 

Forerunner is highly collaborative. Each member of the investment team works across sectors and stages, so you can reach out to any of us. (Really.) You can also send your pitch to investments@forerunnerventures.com. We read every single email. 

How do you partner with your companies? 

At Forerunner, we see ourselves as more than just investors. Investors want their investments to grow; we want our investments to succeed. In addition to working side-by-side with our senior investment team, we also offer our founders functional guidance across key disciplines like talent, communications, and brand. 

When we choose to back founders, it’s because we’re true believers. Our partnership is founded on an absolute commitment to turning big ideas into reality. You can count on our insight and teamwork through thick and thin, because take the long view–and the long view is never a straight line.