Why We Invested:
Recognizing growing consumer awareness of the importance of healthy sleep, understood to be one of the last frontiers of health, we saw great potential in Oura to leverage best-in-class biometric data to deliver personalized health insights and recommendations. The product, given its unique form factor and unmatched data accuracy contrived by a team of passionate scientists and engineers in Finland, had inspired high organic virality, and we saw a big opportunity to own sleep as a facet of overall wellness.
About Oura
Year Founded
Investment Theme
Healthcare reimagined
Company Founder
Harpreet Rai
Year Invested
San Francisco
Oura Open Roles
Meet the Founder:
Harpreet Rai
Meet the Founder:
Harpreet Rai
Harpreet Singh Rai is CEO of Oura, having come across its magic initially as a consumer, and being invited by the team to take the helm in 2017. After working the candle on both ends in the world of NYC finance at Eminence Capital (TMT Portfolio Manager) and Morgan Stanley (M&A Analyst), Harpreet ran into health issues which led him down the path of looking inward and trying to improve his own health and sleep - and, ultimately, to Oura.
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