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Founded by Stanford CS alumnae Vivian and Ruby, Juni is timely for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders: the technology sector is surging but current educational programs are largely inadequate in providing quality coding / STEM instruction. Targeting the growing spend on enrichment education, Juni’s technology-enabled platform is working to make online coding classes more personal, offering private and group lessons in Computer Science and Mathematics guided by instructors from top US universities.
About Juni
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Self empowerment
Company Founders
Vivian Shen and Ruby Lee
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San Francisco
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Meet the Founders:
Vivian Shen and Ruby Lee
Meet the Founders:
Vivian Shen and Ruby Lee
Co-founders Vivian Shen (CEO) and Ruby Lee (CTO) were classmates at Stanford University, where they both studied Computer Science, but for each, the journey to founding Juni began in high school. They both took up coding but struggled with the curriculum until they discovered mentors and teaching assistants who helped them thrive in a subject they once found daunting and complex, ultimately inspiring them to design a unique learning platform. Vivian is a McKinsey alum, while Ruby was a Product Partner at KPCB Edge and an Associate Product Manager at Google. The two were elected together to Forbes 30 under 30 in Education in 2020.
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