Why We Invested:
We have a fundamental belief that consumers want to buy less but buy better, and were mesmerized by Eddie’s pitch and lofty vision to unlock high-consideration, specialty purchases online at scale - the ones where, in physical stores, the knowledgeable store associates have historically made all the difference. Founded and led by Product and Engineering experts from LinkedIn and Facebook, Curated’s AI-powered platform monetizes the product knowledge of the people who are intrinsically the best sales facilitators— knowledgeable, passionate experts—and in doing so, we saw its potential to transform the online retail experience.
About Curated
Year Founded
Investment Theme
New models for commerce
Company Founders
Eduardo Vivas, Annabel Liu, Alex Vauthey, and Peter Ombres
Year Invested
San Francisco, CA
Curated Open Roles
Meet the Founders:
Eduardo Vivas, Annabel Liu, Alex Vauthey, and Peter Ombres
Meet the Founders:
Eduardo Vivas, Annabel Liu, Alex Vauthey, and Peter Ombres
Curated was co-founded by four ambitious leaders from Linkedin, who banded together around a vision to transform specialty retail. Co-founder and CEO Eddie Vivas is a serial entrepreneur with superskills in growth, and team development. Most recently prior to Curated, he founded Bright, an AI recruitment automation platform that sold to Linkedin in 2014. Eddie went on to lead Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, on which team he collaborated with to-be Curated co-founders Alex Vauthey (VPE at Linkedin; CTO at Curated), Annabel Liu (VPE at Linkedin; VPE at Curated), and Peter Ombres (Sr Director at Linkedin; COO at Curated).
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