Why We Invested:
Against the backdrop of the urgent American obesity crisis, Calibrate is a paramount example of healthcare meeting modern consumer needs in a category needing change. Calibrate fights biology with biology, with a one-year program combining metabolic medication with one-on-one coaching on food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. Evidence of Isabel’s magnetism, she compelled the most important constituents to attach themselves to her mission in the early days, including the nation’s top weight and metabolic health researchers, and pre-eminent experts in nutrition, health policy, and digital health.
About Calibrate
Year Founded
Investment Theme
Healthcare reimagined
Company Founder
Isabelle Kenyon
Year Invested
New York
Calibrate Open Roles
Meet the Founder:
Isabelle Kenyon
Meet the Founder:
Isabelle Kenyon
Co-founder & CEO Isabelle Kenyon spent the decade-plus prior to Calibrate as a leader in healthcare and consumer businesses. Most recently, she led the business operations, growth, and strategic partnerships & communications teams at Capsule, a technology business rebuilding the pharmacy from the inside out. Before Capsule, Isabelle worked at beloved consumer brands in London and New York and was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Retail & E-commerce list in 2015.
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